Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Get Redhat Certification And Land Your Dream Job

Have B.Tech Degree but not getting even a decent job, then get Redhat Certification now! In today’s tech-savvy world Linux is used for everything tech related from powering ATM’s to Mobile phones to even servers. Android too  is based on Linux kernel. Therefore,  Getting a Red Hat certification is the best way to land your dream job and earn the best salary package available in the market. 

Some of the major IT companies want Red Hat certified system administrator to work for them because of the complexity of technical problems faced by many companies today. But still the question arises, What is the advantage of getting Red Hat Certified? Well, after passing any of the Red Hat Certified System Administrator or Red Hat Certified Engineer examination, even in entry level job one can get more than 3 to 4 Lakh salary package. 

The entry level jobs for after passing the exam will be System administrator, and based on good performance employee can be promoted to senior systems administrator or Linux support systems engineer and other related posts.

There are many training centers in India that provide coaching for RHCA and RHCE examination. Students should check that the training center is Red Hat certified before starting the course with them. The list Red Hat certified training center is available on the official Red Hat website.

Talking about Red Hat the company it can be said, what started as a small software company has turned into a billion dollar conglomerate? As per Wikipedia, the company was founded in 1993, Red Hat was one of the first distributors of Linux software. In the early days, Linux was not taken seriously by anyone in the industry, add to that it was developed by a university student in his basement and no big commercial baking surely didn’t help.

The concept of open source was also not popular at that time, software developer giving out his source code to the community was considered crazy. But it proved everyone wrong, The billion dollar company has paved a path for the future companies providing open source software to flourish and grow.
Companies these days only want to hire Red Hat Certified system administrators because of many reasons , like for minimizing technical and server related risks, facing daily complicated tasks and to increase the productivity of the company. Courses that are provided in Red Hat certified training centers, helps in developing the skills of configuring servers, troubleshooting other computers , hosting a website and even developing system administration expertise. If you want to safeguard your future getting Red Hat certified is the way to go.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Redhat Certification By Industry Expert

Bagful Acaedmy is one of the most trusted IT Training Academy which offers Linux training, Redhat Certification with 100% Job Placement Program.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

RHEL7 With 100% Job Placement

RHEL7 With 100% Job Placement- Industrial Training Program at Bagful Academy is an opportunity for the students to apply the technical knowledge they acquired during their courses.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Job Oriented Courses Program With 100% Job Placement Program

Bagful Academy launched a 6 months guaranteed Job Oriented Courses Program) for btech, mca, bca students. Visit us for more details.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning Linux : Linux Hosting and Window Hosting

There is always confusion among people while choosing a hosting platform as which one is best, Linux hosting or window hosting. Nowadays every business requires a platform where their customer can have full information about their products and services they are providing.

And internet has become a most common platform nowadays. So every business needs a website where customers can get all the information of the products and services they are providing. After planning to have a website, there comes a point when you have to choose a website hosting plans. Companies dealing in hosting usually help in this process. There are various companies which offer range of website hosting plans such as Linux hosting , Window hosting. But it is better to choose after comparing and Learning Linux plans.

Linux Training

Which one to Choose:
Choice of a website hosting plan depends upon various factors like what kind of website user wants to build, what application user want to use in the website, what amount of traffic he expects to generate on the website. Cost is another important factor while choosing a hosting plan. So like this various others factors depends upon choice of website hosting plans.  Before choosing a website hosting plan to website, you should have detailed information on hosting plans. Window Hosting and Linux Hosting are most popular these days. Let's have brief discussion on both plans, which will help you to choose a best plan for your website.

Linux hosting:
Linux hosting is a best choice if you are planning to use PHP, Perl, Python, or CGI scripting. It is a best choice if you have a low budget. It is cheap in cost than Windows hosting as it is a free platform and need not any license fee.. One more reason to choose Linux hosting is because of its flexibility. It is compatible with all type of systems. So if you have small business Linux hosting is better option to opt for.

Windows hosting:
Windows hosting is a best choice if you are planning to ASP or ASP.NET. Windows is the most common and popular operating system which is extensively available globally. If you are planning to use multiple windows applications in your websites, Windows hosting is the right and best choice. It supports applications like Microsoft active server pages and Microsoft Front Page very effectively.  It is consider as very reliable and secure plan as it is a licensed product of Microsoft.

So it is advisable to consider all the factors while choosing a hosting Plan for your website.

Red Hat Linux Certification